Peer review

Last Friday, I watched all the projects of my classmates. In conclusion, I had two feelings when I was enjoying these works. The first one was that some of those are so creative. The other one feeling was that the imagination is critical for developing a fantastic work. This blog is going to talk about […]

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Making the short film That’s not the case is an unforgettable experience

Even if That’s not the case is two minutes short film, but it still took me a lot of time to finish it. During the period of making this project, I’ve experienced some things that I haven’t met before. Besides, I’ve learnt a couple of skills that I couldn’t get in class. In conclusion, the process of creating That’s not […]

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Nonprofits avtivities on Facebook

In 2014, there was a global activity which involved a number of people from different countries, the Ice Bucket Challenge. This activity was launched by ALS Association and was promoted on Facebook. The Ice Bucket Challenge has affected China as well, even if people cannot use Facebook here.  On some level, the Ice Bucket Challenge […]

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Shopping in the 3D world

As the biggest E-commerce company of China, Alibaba, founded by Jack Ma, has already begun to use VR to bloom its business. Last year, Buy+ appeared on the Singles’ day shopping festival, November 11, the biggest shopping festival of China. During the period of this festival, Alibaba announced that VR shopping is no longer science fiction. In a […]

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