How to develop a film project from an idea?

When I was working on my video proposal, I’ve realised that this assessment likes a pre-production of a film project. I’ve never been a part of any film project, so I didn’t know how people do before they start shooting. This assessment has provided me with an opportunity to understand the whole process of pre-production and the sequence of that.


I believe that most of the film project start from an idea. The idea could be a book, an urban legend, a piece of news, an experience, and a story. In my own case, the project was inspired by a short creative film on YouTube. I shared it with my teammates after I saw it, and I suggested that we could develop a short video like this. In today’s word, it’s easier for us to learn knowledge and broaden our horizons thanks to the development of technology, which is good for people to absorb the new concepts. Therefore, the good ideas might hide under every detail of our daily lives.


What is the genre? For me, genre is the first thing which I care when I talk a film with others. McKee (1997) points out that’Through tens of thousands of years of tales told at fireside, four millennia of the written word, twenty-five hundred years of theatre, a century of film, and eight decades of broadcasting, countless gen- erations of storytellers have spun story into an astonishing diversity of patterns. To make sense of this outpouring, various systems have been devised to sort stories according to shared elements, classifying them by genre’. I think that genre is an equation, a model. If you want a love story, you know you need a man and a woman, they will meet each other by an accident, and they will get into trouble and they solve the trouble and fall in love. Once people have made the choice of genre, their story will be developed smoothly. In my case, I’ve made the decision about genre at first. After that, I’ve created a whole story.


After we’ve finished a story, we need to write it down to get a script. The film script must be visual because it is vital for director to design every single picture and for photographer to structure the shots and for actor to understand the protagonist. Therefore, script is different to novel, it should contain the story (characters, locations, scenes, tools), sound (dialogue, sound effects, music) and visuals (space, line, shape, colour, moment, rhythm)(Block 2013).


Now, let’s talk about the proposal. According to my experience of the assessment, I’ve summarised some elements that belong to a film proposal. A film proposal is composed of the Synopsis, Script, Screenplay Structure, Characters, Film Treatment, Production Crew, Mood Board, Story Board, Target Audience, and the Budget. A perfect film proposal can help filmmakers to attract investors. Therefore, it’s necessary to make your film proposal detailed, comprehensive, and attractive.

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