Making the short film That’s not the case is an unforgettable experience

Even if That’s not the case is two minutes short film, but it still took me a lot of time to finish it. During the period of making this project, I’ve experienced some things that I haven’t met before. Besides, I’ve learnt a couple of skills that I couldn’t get in class. In conclusion, the process of creating That’s not the case is unforgettable and precious.This blog is going to talk the pre-production, the production and post-production of the film.


Before YuanYuan Li and I have developed the entire story of That’s not the case, I spent the whole night on choosing a genre or a form. In order to get the enlightenment, I studied a variety of short films on viemo, YouTube and IMDB. When I saw a footage of Charlie Chaplin’s, I knew that is what I want. An old-style silent film. Therefore, Li and I started to make up a story. We spent two days to think what things are typical things of culture differences. Finally, we decided to express three familiar things which named Chinese herb oil, Chopsticks and Chinese Kung-Fu to tell a story about culture differences.  And then, we designed the storyboard and the confirmed shoot list which were important to us to develop the production plan. After this, we, fortunately, found three classmates who would like to help us act in this film.

Here are the screenshot of the storyboard and the locations.

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The process of production was happy. Thanks to the contribution of my classmates Rebecca, Harish and Pooya, Li and I only spent three days on shooting. As the main character, Li knew nothing about acting at first. So, we found a lot of videos of Charlie Chaplin to study his performance. And we also shared these videos with other three characters, illuminating them the visual effect that we want to reach.

Here are the pictures of behind the scene.

After the shooting, I started to edit the film. Li and I had responsibilities individually. My part was editing, Li’s part was the visual effect. The most difficult thing I’ve met in this process which was choosing footage. It’s hard to give up some clips because they are all good. However, the requirement of this Assessment only allows us to develop 90 seconds video. So, I had to consider very carefully and make the decision very unemotionally.

Here are the permissions of music.

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After the production, we’ve started to think about promotion. Li and I both had no experiences about this work. As a result, we studied some successful examples such as La La Land, Chaplin and The artist. We’ve tried to figure out how these films propagandise themselves via the Internet. Therefore, first of all, we opened our official Facebook page and Twitter page as below.


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Basically, we post at 6 pm and 8 pm. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, 6 pm is the time that people are on their way to home. So, they might on a tram or a bus, and check their smartphone. Secondly, most of the people have leisure time at 8 pm. They might prefer to use social media to spend their time.


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Secondly, we posted Teasers on vimeo platform.

Thirdly, we built our website which contains everything about this film.

Also, we even made a QR code for our website. Even if I’m not going to use it right now, but it might be useful in the future.


Of course, the promotion still has some problems. For example, we only have two social media platforms that are not strong enough to attract more audiences. Besides, we haven’t designed posters. Therefore, people cannot have a clear image in their head when they are talking about our film.

In a word, making That’s not the case is a good experience, I really enjoyed the whole process of it. I hope that this experience could help me create more projects in next semester.

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