Peer review

Last Friday, I watched all the projects of my classmates. In conclusion, I had two feelings when I was enjoying these works. The first one was that some of those are so creative. The other one feeling was that the imagination is critical for developing a fantastic work. This blog is going to talk about two works which inspired me and encouraged me.

The first one belongs to Harish’s group which named Musicorum. I think that this project is the best one which reflects the theme word of this Assessment: culture differences. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, Musicorum has a deep understanding of culture differences. Harish’s group interviewed some students from diverse backgrounds and invited them to listen to one same music. During this process, these people needed to answer a couple of questions about this music such as instrument, country, image and emotion. I think this idea is so interesting because interviewees’ answer could express differences which people have when they are facing the same thing. Secondly, Musicorum is the only one group which involves enough number of samples to explain culture differences. According to the video, Musicorum totally interviewed 13 people from 13 different countries. That’s a lot because other groups only compared two different cultures. Besides, I like their promotion method which is making a frame of Instagram and taking a photo for people with this.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 18.10.17.png

The other group I would like to talk is Let’s be Friends. There also are two reasons for discussing this project. The first reason is that I am a part of this project. I played a character in this story with my friend Rebecca. Therefore, I knew that they spent a lot of time on story, photography and photoshop. This group has met some troubles and obstacles, but they still could finish it. I think that I might need to learn how to work with different people from this group. The second reason is that the form of Let’s be Friends is vivid and fresh. They chose to use photonovel, something like the comic book, to express a story about two girls. This idea is so impressive, especially when other groups in our class were making short films and documentaries, they were thinking about a new form which is distinct from all these above.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 18.26.19.png

In a word, this Assessment provides me with a chance to know more about my classmates, learning a couple of new skills from them and getting the enlightenment from them.


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