The negative effects of Internet cookie

It’s difficult for me to understand the fundamental of Internet cookie, however, I have been experiencing it since Internet became a vital part of my life. For instance, once I have bought an air ticket from the website of airline company, I would see more advertising about airline or hotel while I am browsing some news websites. If I have searched a film trailer on Youtube, I can see more videos about this film next time. At first, I thought that it was cool. It made me feel like my computer knows pretty clear about me. Nonetheless, I have noticed that if my computer knows everything about me, every single person who is using internet also can “share” my private life without permission.

According to the personal experience and some research, I would like to talk about the negative effects of Internet cookie. First of all, our privacy may cannot be protected. Lee stated that“ Cookies can be intercepted as they are being relayed from website to computer, in a process called hijacking” (Lee 2016, para.8). It is clear that once some websites have been attacked by hacker, our personal information such as phone numbers, bank account numbers and shopping habits will be exposed to public. Secondly, Internet cookies may cause a lot of similar information. As I mentioned earlier, Youtube would provide me many videos that all are relate to one film which I have searched before. As a result, I might miss some other film trailers or videos. The third effect is caused by the second one, which is our knowledge may limited increasingly. Websites can use cookies to analyse data, tracking which type of information people like(Lee 2016). Therefore, websites would continually provide the information which are relate to the preference of people. Finally, people only can receive the information which they want to know.

On conclusion, cookies contain some potential problems which need to be solved, we cannot ignore them, especially in today’s word.

References list

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